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Community Health Services

Keep your community at the center of care.

Community Health Software for Client Management & Reporting

Optimize your community healthcare delivery services by providing healthcare professionals with streamlined patient and client care. Discover how our advanced software tools enable you to enhance accessibility and engagement, fostering positive healthcare experiences for all.

  • Designed for collaborative care
  • Complies with local community health reporting standards
  • Configurable and scalable to meet specific community health needs

The Benefits

Access centralized comprehenseve patient data for an all-encompassing view of health records, fostering improved care coordination.

Reduce overheard costs from paper-based records and get Automated administrative and clinical tasks streamlined to reduce inefficiencies, minimize errors, and enhance overall workflow efficiency and optimization.

Gain real-time access to patient records, enabling timely and informed decision-making for improved patient outcomes.

Experience solutions tailored for growing populations, integrating new technologies, and adapting to changing healthcare requirements.

Ensure confidentiality with advanced security measures for data security and privacy, meeting healthcare regulations for the secure handling of sensitive patient information.

Streamline your data collection processes by ensuring consistent capture of clinical and operational data at every stage of the client management journey.

Report your services seamlessly to over  State and Government funded programs.

Community Health Features

  • Patients can book appointments online anytime, receive test results through secure communication.
  • Save time and reduce paperwork and errors with automated forms.
  • Connect through telehealth for easy care delivery.
  • Access your Electronic Medical Records seamlessly with our Profile mobile application.
  • View appointments on-the-go by checking your appointment at anytime.
  • Access essential clinical tools even in remote areas, ensuring you have the support you need.
  • Implement a sophisticated referral management system
  • Enhance the referral process for improved efficiency
  • Foster collaboration among various community health stakeholders
  • Streamline communication and coordination in the referral network 

  • Seamlessly incorporate virtual care
  • Utilize video conferencing, SMS, and email for efficient communication and consultation within the community health network.

  • Access both clinical and operational data effortlessly from one centralized platform.
  • Generate comprehensive reports tailored to your community health organization’s needs. 
  • Track key metrics, analyze trends, and gain valuable insights to optimize your services.
  • Tailor your experience with the ability to create personalized dashboards or choose from our ready-made views.

  • Establish seamless connections with external healthcare systems, labs, and third-party providers.
  • Ensure a smooth flow of information to enhance the overall efficiency of your community health operations.

  • Prioritize the highest standards of confidentiality.
  • Securely handle and protect sensitive patient data  that values privacy and security of community health information.

  • Enhance security and performance with cloud hosting
  • Minimize cybersecurity risks
  • Boost Compliance
  • 24/7 operations for your solutions, hassle-free system upgrades

Supported Sectors with Profile

Profile ensures global compliance for reporting streamlining your mental health services. 

Leverage Profile for reporting, and seamless integration with Medicare online in the aged care sector. 

Utilizing sophisticated software, Profile aids child and family services in Out of Home Care, reporting, case management functions, and other vital business practices. 

Profile facilitates disability claims, addressing the requirements of disability services based on regulation requirements. 

Profile offers dedicated support to sexual health clinics, delivering customized solutions for streamlined operations and comprehensive reporting on a global scale. 

Profile extends its comprehensive capabilities to palliative care services, ensuring adherence to global reporting standards and enhancing the efficiency of palliative care operations.


Why Choose Profile?

Best Client Care Software

"Intrahealth's commitment to our mission and demonstration that Profile was the right solution both technically and financially gives us confidence that it will transform our program delivery and support care for the future."

– Denise Praill, Chief Executive Officer, Canuck Place. 

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