Unlocking Rehabilitation: Intrahealth Technology Transforms Prisoner Rehabilitation

Prison Gateway Intrahealth

In October 2017, the state of Victoria welcomed a state-of-the-art corrections infrastructure. Their cutting-edge medium-security facility boosting much needed capacity for 1,000 inmates. This medium security facility represented a pinnacle of technological advancement in Australia’s prison system and highlights the benefits of public-private partnerships. This was the first private prison inauguration in the state of […]

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Partners with Intrahealth for Digital Transformation

Project will streamline pediatric palliative care program delivery and improve experience for clients and families. Intrahealth, a global provider of electronic medical/health record solutions, announced they have been selected by Canuck Place Children’s Hospice for their upcoming digital transformation project. Intrahealth’s Profile EMR will serve as the underlying digital infrastructure to streamline program delivery and improve […]

Unified Care Delivery

High risk type 2 diabetes patients who are participating in Illawarra Family Medical Centre’s (IFMC’s) pilot program to share up to date medical information are the real winners. The government funded initiative, Health Care Homes Pilot Project, leverages Intrahealth’s software solution portal to share critical patient information within the care community. The Challenge Type 2 diabetic patients […]

Complex health systems need interoperable solutions

adult man uniform and tablet

Gaps within health care team communications can cause high rates of preventable medical incidents.   The Challenge Health systems are complex and need multiple software solutions and assorted physical devices to be interoperable. IT and health system managers seek specialized tools that will synchronize records, facilitate communication, and integrate easily. The Intrahealth solution is built […]

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