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Unlocking Rehabilitation: Intrahealth Technology Transforms Prisoner Rehabilitation

Prison Gateway Intrahealth

In October 2017, the state of Victoria welcomed a state-of-the-art corrections infrastructure. Their cutting-edge medium-security facility boosting much needed capacity for 1,000 inmates. 

This medium security facility represented a pinnacle of technological advancement in Australia’s prison system and highlights the benefits of public-private partnerships. This was the first private prison inauguration in the state of Victoria in two decades. 

Partnering with the Department of Justice, the operators aimed to manage incarceration and spearhead rehabilitation initiatives, targeting recidivism rates and inmate reintegration. Intrahealth played a crucial role as the sole provider of electronic health records across the Victoria Corrections environment, facilitating fast integration and implementing previously unconsidered innovations for achieving desired outcomes. 


The Challenge 

While the Justice Department has been using Intrahealth’s Profile software platform in prisons for several years to manage prisoner health, a new application was introduced to support their multiple appointments from health services, to social services, judicial appointments and work placements. The access tool called Gateway was designed to manage prisoner activities and control movement. For example, when an inmate has an appointment with a parole officer, the app would trigger the prison cell gates to open. This fragmented dual-system approach resulted in redundant efforts, with administrators duplicating their workload across two separate calendars. 

The Solution 

To address the challenge of managing appointments across different platforms, Intrahealth implemented an integration strategy. By consolidating fragmented systems into a cohesive whole, we provided a streamlined solution. This involved seamlessly merging Profile with the Gateway app. As a result, administrators gained the ability to centralize their efforts, significantly cutting down on the time required for appointment scheduling by 50%. Our expertise in integrating these platforms not only provided a practical solution but also offered valuable insights into optimizing operational efficiency. 

The Benefit 

The integration brought about a significant and positive change in the prison ecosystem. For clinical caregivers, prisoners gained newfound autonomy, using iPads to schedule medical appointments, enhancing the patient experience and healthcare management. Meanwhile, administrators experienced a remarkable decrease in workload, with streamlined processes saving time and improving efficiency.  

With Gateway integration ensuring synchronization and real-time identification of conflicting appointments, the facility transitioned into a modern institution characterized by efficiency and empowerment for both inmates and administrators, reflecting a broader shift in rehabilitation paradigms guided by innovation and offering hope for a brighter future beyond incarceration. 

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