Bridging Gaps & Revolutionizing Pediatric Hospice Care with Innovative Software

Every year, a significant number of children face life-threatening conditions, requiring compassionate support and specialized care. Yet, the resources available to them remain insufficient, amplifying the importance of addressing this critical gap. In Canada, access to hospice palliative care is inconsistent, leaving many without the support they desperately require. Despite the potential benefits for numerous […]

Bridging Ontario’s Mental Health Gap: Intrahealth’s Profile Solution

In the complex healthcare system of Ontario, mental health is a critical aspect that faces numerous challenges. These obstacles not only hinder patients from achieving well-being but also create significant barriers for healthcare providers trying to provide effective care. In Ontario alone, more than 6.7 million individuals are affected by mental health issues. According to […]

Enabling Digital Patient Engagement Across the Mental Health Journey: Intrahealth’s Impact


In the ever-transforming landscape of healthcare, mental well-being stands as a cornerstone for patients and providers. As mental health awareness becomes increasingly popular and the research confirms the intrinsic link between psychological health and physiological health more individuals are seeking support and resources to navigate their unique wellness journeys. At Intrahealth, we recognize the critical […]

Healthcare is Now More Accessible

Woman on a computer in a wheel chair

Healthcare is constantly evolving with greater pressures on care providers and higher expectations by patients and consumers of healthcare. This often results in inequitable access by those who need it most.  Intrahealth is dedicated to ensuring we’re not just creating great technology but helping solve healthcare inequity.  Intrahealth’s latest online booking tool creates significant organisational […]

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Partners with Intrahealth for Digital Transformation

Project will streamline pediatric palliative care program delivery and improve experience for clients and families. Intrahealth, a global provider of electronic medical/health record solutions, announced they have been selected by Canuck Place Children’s Hospice for their upcoming digital transformation project. Intrahealth’s Profile EMR will serve as the underlying digital infrastructure to streamline program delivery and improve […]

Save Clinical Time and Improve Health Outcomes with Online Engagement

Medic patient at laptop in office

Giving patients access to their health record online has proven to improve health outcomes and save clinicians time. The Intrahealth software solution and patient portal provides the opportunity for patients to truly engage in their health care and with their care team facilitating stronger communications, patient satisfaction and saving clinical time. The real time web portals […]

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