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Healthcare is Now More Accessible

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Healthcare is constantly evolving with greater pressures on care providers and higher expectations by patients and consumers of healthcare. This often results in inequitable access by those who need it most.  Intrahealth is dedicated to ensuring we’re not just creating great technology but helping solve healthcare inequity.  Intrahealth’s latest online booking tool creates significant organisational efficiencies for a diverse array of customers. Importantly it meets level AA of web accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1). Our commitment extends to revolutionizing the patient experience, particularly for those with accessibility needs. 

The Need for Inclusivity

The adoption of digital technologies has become increasingly important as it enhances patient outcomes and efficiencies but often forget the most in need.

At Intrahealth, recognizing and meeting the diverse needs of patients and individuals in care is not just a goal, it is our duty. We are committed to embracing the evolving nature of healthcare and care delivery, and to reflect this by ensuring inclusivity for all.

Digital accessibility in healthcare is crucial to ensure that everyone has equal access to healthcare services and information, promoting better health outcomes. By prioritizing accessibility, healthcare providers can ensure that all individuals can access the care they need, when they need it.

Inclusivity in Action

We’re not just talking about inclusivity; we’re actively incorporating it into our technology by having meaningful conversations with our users to understand their needs.

Intrahealth is unlocking a new era of accessible healthcare, and our latest video tells the story.

Assistive Technology for Patients using Online Booking

Intrahealth’s commitment to inclusivity is most evident in our accessible Online Booking. These tools go beyond mere convenience; they redefine the patient experience for individuals with accessibility needs, allowing them to book healthcare appointments using their own accessible technology.

Our Online Booking tool prioritizes accessibility with transformative features:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Speech-to-Text Integration
  • High contrast, easy to see elements
  • Alt Text Descriptions

The Ripple Effect

Inclusive healthcare goes beyond individual care; it’s a catalyst for transforming the entire healthcare system. We’re excited to lead the change towards a future that puts patient care first. We know that by leveraging technology and innovative solutions, we can create more advanced care delivery solutions that improve the patient experience and outcomes.

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