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Enabling Digital Patient Engagement Across the Mental Health Journey: Intrahealth’s Impact


In the ever-transforming landscape of healthcare, mental well-being stands as a cornerstone for patients and providers. As mental health awareness becomes increasingly popular and the research confirms the intrinsic link between psychological health and physiological health more individuals are seeking support and resources to navigate their unique wellness journeys.

At Intrahealth, we recognize the critical role technology plays in facilitating this journey, not only for our patients but also for our providers working on the frontline. Our commitment lies in enhancing patient care through innovative solutions tailored to mental health needs.

The Unique Mental Health Journey

Everyone’s mental health journey is distinct and unique encompassing a spectrum of experiences. From managing daily stressors to coping with complex conditions, patients require personalized support that empowers them to take control of their well-being. This is where digital patient engagement becomes valuable.

Mental Health Crisis in Canada and Ontario

To provide context, let’s explore recent data:

Prevalence of Mental Disorders: According to the 2022 Mental Health and Access to Care Survey, more Canadians met the criteria for mood or anxiety disorders in 2022 than in 2012. Young women were particularly affected. Substance use disorders did not follow the same trends.

COVID-19 Impact: COVID-19 significantly impacted mental health. Stress levels doubled, and many Canadians reported worsening mental health due to fear, uncertainty, and social isolation.

Unmet Needs: About half of those meeting diagnostic criteria for mood, anxiety, or substance use disorders have not talked to a health professional about their mental health in the past year. Additionally, one in three reported unmet or partially met needs for mental health care services.

Intrahealth’s Solution: Digital Patient Engagement

At Intrahealth, we’ve designed healthcare software solutions using our digital software Profile to meet the diverse needs of patients across every stage of their mental health journey. Our innovative platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, facilitating communication, collaboration, and care coordination between patients and their healthcare providers. 

Key Features of Intrahealth’s Mental Health Solution

Telehealth Services: Secure video conferencing capabilities allow patients to connect with mental health professionals, ensuring timely consultations and follow-ups. Telehealth eliminates geographical barriers, providing convenient access to care.

Mobile Apps and Portals: User-friendly mobile apps and patient portals enable individuals to book appointments, track progress, and communicate with their care team. Patients can view treatment plans, receive reminders, and engage in self-management.

Secure Messaging: Real-time communication between patients and providers fosters engagement. Patients can ask questions, share concerns, and receive timely responses, promoting continuity of care.

Personalized Content: Tailored care plans to track progress and holistically manage each patient needs to empower patients to proactively manage their mental health. Personalized recommendations enhance engagement.

Intrahealth’s Role

As the company behind this transformative solution, Intrahealth bridges the gap between individuals and their care providers. Our commitment to digital patient engagement empowers individuals to actively participate in their care, make informed decisions, and achieve optimal health outcomes.

Intrahealth’s impact extends beyond technology—it’s about improving lives, one mental health journey at a time. Learn more about our community health solutions here. 

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