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Bridging Gaps & Revolutionizing Pediatric Hospice Care with Innovative Software

Every year, a significant number of children face life-threatening conditions, requiring compassionate support and specialized care. Yet, the resources available to them remain insufficient, amplifying the importance of addressing this critical gap. 


In Canada, access to hospice palliative care is inconsistent, leaving many without the support they desperately require. Despite the potential benefits for numerous Canadians, only a fraction currently have access to these vital services. Shockingly, according to a report by the Canadian government, as of May 2022, Canada’s inventory of hospice beds stands at just 1,530, highlighting significant disparities across provinces and territories. 

What is Hospice Palliative Care?

Hospice palliative care serves as a compassionate approach aimed at easing suffering and enhancing the quality of life for individuals grappling with advanced illness or bereavement. It provides specialized health care tailored to those with life-limiting illnesses, focusing on alleviating pain, addressing emotional and spiritual needs, and preserving dignity. Embracing a holistic approach, palliative care supports not only patients but also their families, offering comfort and guidance throughout the journey. 

Contrary to common misconceptions, quality hospice palliative care neither hastens death nor prolongs life; instead, it prioritizes enhancing the overall quality of life for both patients and their loved ones. This supportive care extends beyond end-of-life stages, offering assistance at every phase of the illness, ensuring comfort and dignity throughout the process. 

A New Hospice Care Software to Improve Patient Care

Every child deserves comfort and support, especially in times of illness, that’s why Intrahealth, A HEALWELL AI Company partners with the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice to digitally transform the way they deliver care with Profile. Recognizing the importance of leveraging technology to meet the unique needs of each child and their loved one, we sought solutions that would enhance accessibility, streamline processes, and deepen connections. 

Understanding the pivotal role of technology in enhancing accessibility and streamlining processes, we have developed state-of-the-art hospice care software. This platform aims to revolutionize the delivery of compassionate care, ensuring that every child receives the support they deserve during challenging times. Through our partnership with Canuck Place, we are dedicated to advancing the standard of care in pediatric hospice settings, empowering caregivers and transforming the patient experience. 

Embracing Digital Innovation for Better Care

Empowering Caregivers with Intuitive Tools

  • Central to our transformation was the integration of Intrahealth’s innovative digital software Profile, tailored to Canuck’s Place specific requirements.  
  • These intuitive tools empower our caregivers with real-time access to patient information, enabling them to deliver timely and personalized care.  
  • From treatment plans to medication management, every aspect of care is seamlessly coordinated, ensuring that no child’s needs go unmet. 

Fostering Collaboration for Holistic Support

  • Beyond clinical efficiency, our partnership with Intrahealth fosters collaboration across disciplines and departments.  
  • Through shared platforms and communication channels on Profile, their multidisciplinary team can collaborate effectively, pooling their expertise to develop comprehensive care plans that address not only medical needs but also emotional and social well-being. 

Enhancing the Family Experience

  • We understand that caring for a seriously ill child can be overwhelming for families. That’s why we’ve integrated digital solutions that prioritize their needs and preferences.

  • From online appointment scheduling to virtual consultations, we’ve made accessing care more convenient than ever.

  • Moreover, our family portal provides a secure space where parents can access resources, connect with other families, and actively participate in their child’s care journey. 

We are excited to share that we are currently in the midst of implementing this cutting-edge software solution. Our team is diligently working behind the scenes to ensure a seamless transition and an optimized user experience. Stay tuned as we continue to progress on this journey! In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more insights into our project implementation, including key milestones, challenges overcome, and the innovative features that will enhance your workflow. 



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