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Profile hCare

Mobility for Community Healthcare

Profile hCare leverages the power and flexibility of Profile to provide an episodic and longitudinal care record in the hands of mobile care providers. Access and input information anywhere anytime with ease.

The Profile hCare Advantage

hCare has broad and flexible functionality that has been designed to provide care providers who need to visit patients in their homes with rapid access to view and enter information about their day and patients. The functionality ranges from managing and navigating appointments, viewing medical history of patients, and recording encounters with optional services, photos, measures, prescriptions, interventions, letters, and even configurable forms. Further, it facilitates communication with other members of the organisation and patients. All information viewed and entered is done in real time. No information is stored on the device so if lost or stolen you can breath easy that information isn’t going to get into the wrong hands.

hCare Functional Overview

View patient demographics

Utilise the operating system to call the patient from the screen

Utilise the operating system to get directions to the patient’s location

View patient cases (if cases are being used the context of the following functions will either be in case mode or the Medical record context)

Clinical Summary

View a Clinical summary (a customisable view managed in Profile)


View pending patient appointments

View past patient appointments

Edit pending patient appointments

Care Plans

View Due interventions

View concluded interventions


View usual Prescriptions

View Prior prescriptions


View patient results

Annotate results

New task related to result

Sign results


View a tabulated view of patient measures

View a graphical view of patient measures


View patient encounter notes

View patient encounter photos (in the notes)

Add new encounter notes

Add new measures

Attach photo to the encounter

Add new intervention

Add new prescription

Provide information handout

Add form

Create incomplete form

Add new letter

Save encounter as Incomplete


View messages to and from the patient

Create a new message to the patient

Personal info

View patient demographics

Edit patient demographics

View patient folder members

Open patient folder members

View your appointments (day and month view)

Add new appointments

View tasks based on task filters

Edit tasks

Complete tasks

Create new tasks

View unsigned results

View recent results


Add task to results

Sign results

View messages sent and received by other team members in your organisation

View messages sent and received by patients

Send messages to other team members in your organisation

Send messages to patients

Search message by patient and provider


Access digital resources in PDF format

Access incomplete encounters for completion

Access incomplete forms for completion

Access incomplete letters for completion

Access a view of App version, package name, package version and URL

View details of Places of Service (POS) the provider is assigned to

Change the Place of Service (POS)

Send a duress signal to team members

“Documentation, consistency, and visibility of information is a big issue in healthcare that hCare solves.”

– Dr. Michael Young

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